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Permanent Ombre|$500 |180 minutes ► Book Now

Microstroking Eyebrow Permanent Makeup + Shading |$550 |180 minutes ► Book Now

Microstroking Eyebrow Permanent Makeup |$500 |180 minutes ► Book Now

Microstroking Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Touch up 1-3 months |$150 |120 minutes ► Book Now
Eyebrow Touch-Up after 1-3 months following initial service. Service ONLY AVAILABLE for K Manley Studio permanent makeup service clients.

Microstroking Eyebrow Permanent Makeup Touch up 3-12 months |$250 |120 minutes ► Book Now
Eyebrow Touch-Up after 3 months following initial service. Service ONLY AVAILABLE for K Manley Studio permanent makeup service clients. New clients will need to book a consultation.

Permanent Tattoo Removal |$350 |180 minutes ► Book Now
Non-Laser treatment. It is less painful. Removes all color and requires fewer treatments. We use Saline solution.

Areola (Repigmentation) Tattoo|$600 |180 minutes ► Book Now
Areola repigmentation, or nipple tattooing, is often the final step after breast reconstruction. Also known as micropigmentation .

Areola (Repigmentation) Tattoo Touch |$150 |120 minutes ► Book Now
Eyebrow Touch-Up following initial service. Service ONLY AVAILABLE for K Manley Studio permanent makeup service clients..




Microneedling $200 | 90 minutes ► Book Now
Micro needling uses the body’s healing process to stimulate collagen development. Collagen is important for healthy, beautiful skin because it acts as a support structure. As you age, your body produces less collagen. Over time, the skin slowly collapses and develops lines and wrinkles. Micro needling works by creating micro perforations in the skin. Your body senses the injury and triggers collagen production..

Microneedling Package| 3 treatments $550 | 90 minutes ► Book Now

Custom Facial $85 | 75 minutes ► Book Now
Give your skin a revitalizing and powerful boost with this treatment designed to nourish, regenerate and energize skin. This facial address a variety of skincare needs ranging from premature aging and environmental damage to acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion. This tailored treatment caters to all skin types and includes deep cleansing, an exfoliation treatment to remove dead skin cells from the  surface and extractions to cleanse pores (if needed). The result is a stunning, healthier more youthful appearance.

Custom Chemical Peels $95 | 50 minutes Book Now
Chemical peels use premium blends of powerful exfoliants and peptides to treat various skin conditions including acne, aging, pigmentation and even rosacea. The peels are fully customizable to different levels of strength and target different skin care needs to achieve beautiful, youthful skin. Add on to any service or for a quick fix.

Diamond Microdermabrasion $95 | 50 minutes ► Book Now
Natural diamond tip microdermabrasion uses fine, tiny diamonds to gently abrade the skin’s surface. This abrasion causes new cells to emerge, fresh with collagen. Skin is instantly revitalized, appearing firmer, tighter, and brighter as pigmentation, age spots, pore size, wrinkles and fine lines are reduced – all with no down time and no redness. Your skin is visibly softer, smoother and younger-looking after just one treatment, and dramatic improvement with consecutive treatments.

Dermaplane $75 | 50 minutes► Book Now
Dermaplaining is a gentle form of manual exfoliation that resurfaces sun-damaged, dull, dehydrated skin. An excellent way to exfoliate the skin and to regenerate new skin cells thus leaving the complexion smooth, soft and vibrant with no down time glowing and safe for all skin types. It reduces the appearance of light surface wrinkling, smoothes acne scarring, improves skin texture, corrects uneven skin tone, helps to unblock blackheads, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, removes fine facial hair (hair does not grow back thicker), generates new healthy cells and enhances penetration of skin care products.

Custom Chemical Peels add-on $50 | ► Book Now
Dermaplaning combined with a chemical peel will significantly allow the peel to penetrate with much greater effect, and will enhance your product absorption at home.  This treatment will visibly improve the skin’s clarity and reduce the signs of aging.

Glam Day Package $295| ► Book Now
Customize Facial, Full Set Eyelash Extensions, Brow Shaping and Tinting plus an optional lash list and tint.


Bridal Makeup $125 and up | 75 minutes► Book Now
I’ll make sure you look your very best on your special day. We have advance training in bridal and photography makeup, so you don’t have to worry. Includes full set of lashes or strips. For offsite services there is an additional charge, please contact us for more information and on bridal packages.

Bridal Makeup Trial $75 | 60 minutes ► Book Now
In this consultation we will create the perfect look for your wedding day customized to your needs.

Special Occasion Makeup $55 | 60 minutes ► Book Now

Makeup Lesson $75 | 60 minutes ► Book Now
Do you want to create a smokey eye? How about an natural everyday                                look? Come and we will customize a look for you with hands on techniques that you can recreate yourself. You will learn cosmetic and skincare basics.

                                                    Express Makeup (Eyes and Lips) $35 | 25 minutes ► Book Now 

                                                     Henna Brow Tint $65 |45 minutes ► Book Now

                                                      Brow Tint $30| 15 minutes    ► Book Now  

                                                      Lash Tint $20 | 15 minutes ► Book Now


Xtreme Lashes Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are single or multiple strands of faux mink lashes attached to each natural lash individually with a super-lightweight adhesive. They have incredible bonding power, lasting indefinitely with with touch-ups every 2-5 weeks. They are resistant to water, shower, sweat, exercise, tears, swimming and even sleeping. They give longer, fuller, natural looking lashes that are weightless and very comfortable. If we did not do your original set of lashes you must book under new client lash touch-up. If you have volume lashes please book for longer time to achieve the original look.


Natural Full Set Faux Mink Lashes  $200.00  |1 hour 15 minutes ► Book Now

Glam Full Set Faux Mink Lashes $250.00  |1 hour 45 minutes ► Book Now

HD Volume Full Set Faux Mink Lashes $300.00 |2 hour 15 minutes ► Book Now14596676_305812029796193_86803123003195392_n

New Client Lash Touch-Up $125.00 |60 minutes ► Book Now

Lash Touch-Up |2-4 weeks| $75.00|60 minutes ► Book Now

Extended and  Glam Volume Lash Touch-Up | 4-6 weeks|$95.00| 75 minutes ► Book Now

Extended and HD Volume Lash Touch-Up| $125.00| 90 minutes ► Book Now

Eyelash Extensions Removal  $35.00 |30 minutes ► Book Now

Lash removal protects the natural lashes by the safely removing each individual lash extension

Lash Lift $75.00| 50 minutes ► Book Now

Lash Lift with Tint $85.00| 60 minutes ► Book Now

Nufree Nudesse Hair Removal

Nufree Nudesse is the gold standard in hair removal and is carried by thousands of professional salons throughout the world. It was developed over 25 years ago to help plastic surgeons remove hair from a patients before surgery. Here are just a few of the reasons why Nufree Nudesse is the most effective hair removal treatment in the world.  Nufree Nudesse is NOT A WAX and never sticks to the skin. It is self-preserving antibacterial/antimicrobial so its safe, clean and germ free.  Its completely BOTANICAL and safe for the entire body.  Its also scientifically tested and uses no animal products.


Bikini $40 | 15 minutes ► Book Now

Brazilian $55| 25 minutes ► Book Now

Brow,Lip and Chin $40 | 25 minutes ► Book Now

Brows $20 | 20 minutes ► Book Now

Chest $55 | 30 minutes ► Book Now

Full Arms $40 | 30 minutes ► Book Now

Full Back $75 | 30 minutes ► Book Now

Full Face $45 | 30 minutes ► Book Now

Full Leg with Bikini $93 | 45 minutes ► Book Now

Full Legs $70 | 45  minutes ► Book Now

Half Leg + Brazilian $98 | 60 minutes ► Book Now

Half Legs $45 | 45 minutes ► Book Now

Lip $10 | 10 minutes ► Book Now

Lip & Brow $29 | 20 minutes ► Book Now

Lip & Chin $25 | 20 minutes ► Book Now

Sideburns $20 | 10 minutes ► Book Now

Stomach $35 | 30 minutes ► Book Now

Underarms $25 | 20 minutes ► Book Now